My (Past) Clients & Results

Bethenny Frankel


Bethenny was in desperate need of a full rebrand to position her as more than just a Real Housewife by showcasing the other facets of her brand value. I led my team in developing an improved strategy and redesigning her brand around five brand pillars - Entrepreneur, Investor, Philanthropist, Lifestyle Influencer, Author & Speaker. Additionally, we took over complete management of her online brand across social media. Through a very strategic content strategy and more personable brand strategy, we saw a 38% increase in follower growth on Facebook alone in the first 30 days. 

Skinnygirl Brands


In preparation for the recent launch of Skinnygirl Jeans, my team and I were tasked with redesigning and rebuilding the Skinnygirl brand website from scratch. The existing website layout was designed as a very complex and noisy blog and not optimized for the best possible UX. We simplified the design to align with the longterm brand strategy we had developed based on the client's goals. We also took over management of the Skinnygril social media management. in collaboration with the Skinnygirl internal marketing team, my team grew the Skinnygirl email list from 0 to over 70,000 in just 30 days and generated over $50,000 in sales in 10 days.

Bernt Ullmann


Bernt Ullmann is one of the most successful and sought-after branding experts in the fashion industry having worked with Jennifer Lopez, American Idol, Nicki Minaj, and Tommy Hilfiger just to name a few. However, Bernt was completely unknown to the general public. I was tasked with developing a comprehensive brand and creative strategy to introduce Bernt Ullmann to the public and position him as the authority in accelerating brands. Within months, my team designed and built a full personal brand, secured multiple high level media features (including Forbes and top business podcasts), and positioned Bernt for ongoing success as a thought leader and SME.

Celebrity Lifestyle Brands


As part of a strategic partnership, I developed a new brand creative strategy for Celebrity Lifestyle Brands, a firm that partners with celebrity clients and leverages their brand equity to create launch new product and apparel brands. I lead my creative design team in rebuilding the company website and revitalizing the brand across social  media. The firm has since closed major brand deals with new celebrity clients including famous guitarist Carlos Santana. Additionally, the new website generates increased client leads every month.

Coolbox Cooler


Founded by Dollar Beard Club  CEO, Chris Stoikos  and Kevin Harrington, the original shark on the hit ABC TV show “Shark Tank“, Coolbox Cooler was in immediate need of a strategic and creative rebrand. I was tasked by Coolbox Cooler leadership to rebrand and reposition them to reenter the marketplace from a position of vibrancy, trust, and strength. My team rebranded the Coolbox Cooler across all their online platforms, including building a new website from  the ground up and crafting the updated slogan "Engineered for fun. Built for anything."

EcoLife Hemp Oil Supplements


Riding on the momentum of the rising cannabis industry, the EcoLife founder reached out to me to help develop the EcoLife brand from a name and vision to a fully operational brand leader in the cannabis market. From strategy to  execution, website design to social media optimization, and copywriting to label design, I worked directly with the founder to build the EcoLife virtually from the ground up. Since, launching just a few months ago, Ecolife is now carried in over a dozen retail locations across the US and is quickly becoming the customer-preferred CBD oil brand.

Rave Reviews From Clients


Earnest Epps, Digital Marketer/Speaker

Earnest is a 7-figure ecommerce entrepreneur who after only a single strategy session with AJ Adams, closed $149,500 and a total of over $600,000 in the following 11 months.


Frank Kitchen, Speaker/Coach/Auctioneer

AJ helped Frank develop his magnetic brand strategy, messaging, and positioning to level up his speaking and coaching business to well over 6-figures within 12 months. Frank is now on track to generate $300,000 in revenue in 2019.


Andy Audate, Speaker/Conference Founder

Andy reached out to AJ for help in developing a brand strategy to increase awareness of his personal brand and the inaugural launch of his Sales Growth Conference. Within 90 days, AJ coordinated the rebrand of Andy Audate and secured a major PR feature in Huffington Post.